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So over the last few weeks, I have been quite busy in my sewing room! I have had some busts but also some awesome wardrobe builders too!

I have been focusing on dresses. I LOVE dresses. They are feminine, comfy when you feel blah, most of the time flattering, can be casual or dressed up..I can go on and on…


I started to feel inspired once I completed my famous “Mu Mu” dress. So then I decided to make TWO more of that style

Please excuse my hideous posing, but after T made fun of me, I tried to liven my stance up a bit 🙂



Red Firecrackers


My favorite variation


Then I visited another old favorite,  New Look 6677


reminds me of a funky top from the 70's


Ok, so now I am feeling pretty confident and decide to dive into a NEW pattern..Ugh


Not so crazy about the sash


And my first Bust…New Look 6239. It was so super easy to make, but it just made me look like a BLIMP!

I even tried to make a second dress, hoping it would miraculously become flattering..

No dice.  But it is the perfect post-beach attire…light comfy and I could run to grocery store if I really had too


Post Beach Dress, for sure!


Alright, that pattern is socked away for a much later day and I decide to try, try again!


White Eyelet Tunic


Yay! Simplicity 2596!! LOVE LOVE this top! There are so many ways to change this top up, possibilities are endless!


Eyelet trim


This has renewed my drive for sewing! I LOVE to sew and I especially enjoy it during the lazy days and nights of Summer :O)


will look nicer with a cami underneath


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Summer is Here! And I am going to have a PLAN! 

Don’t get me wrong, we always have a great Summer, I just don’t always get to accomplish everything I wanted to. 

So..my new plan is to write a to-do list 

  • Beach days at least twice a week – with or without the kids!
  • Read a book a week
  • Go out to dinner for our 15th Wedding Anniversary
  • Scrub my bike with brillo to get rid of some of that rust
  • Go for bike ride with kids
  • Camp in our Pop-Up, even it means we have to sleep in the back yard
  • Sew! for me, the kids..whoever..just SEW
  • Clean my van inside and out, with some help from the kids
  • Finally save a jar for those darn Lightening Bugs
  • Take the kids to the beach to watch the sunrise
  • Dinners on the Beach
  • Hit the Gym 3 times a week
  • Have dinner with my parents at least every other week
  • More nights on the deck
  • Finally catch those free movies on Thursday mornings
  • More days laughing, less days yelling
  • Sign the kids and ME up for the FREE Summer bowling plan
  • Bring Nate to the Library program every week
  • Attend the Tuesday Worship Services
  • Have one-on-one time with each of the kids more than once
  • Have a girls nite by the firepit with Sangria
  • Make more dinners in the Crock-Pot on Beach Days
  • Use the Pedicure G/C that hubs gave me for CHRISTMAS!



Summer 2010



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What seems to be now turning into a tradition (three trips qualifies, right?) Tina and I had another Girls Movie Night last nite.   

 We only have a few prerequisite’s  

  • Something our Hub’s really wouldn’t want to see
  • Must be on a Tuesday – So we can use our free movie tickets from Optimun
  • Start time after 9:30pm – So we can have coffee, noshies and chit chat first
  • Preferably star a hunky guy 🙂

The first movie was Remember Me with R-Patz, so that was a no-brainer. But then we were pretty clueless on what to see next. Filling our requirements, we then saw The Last Song. I have to admit I am a bit on the fence about this one, it was hard to separate Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana, but Liam Hemsworth made it a lot easier to watch!!! We are still waiting very impatiently Letters to Juliet which doesn’t start until May14th! Which brings me to our movie choice from last night    


This was another movie I was unsure of. I am not a huge fan of Singers who are also actors, but it fell into our category and we weren’t willing to give up our Caramel-covered blondie and coffee @ Ruby Tuesday’s..So off we went..   

What a hysterical surprise! We both agreed this movie is being under-promoted! From two mom’s in the theatre, we thought it was side-splitting funny. Not to give much away, if you are a mom, know a mom, or want to be a mom, you will be able to relate to this lighthearted comedy 🙂 If anyone does see this flick, I would love to hear what you thought of the scene with “the pool” 🙂   



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So, can you guess who I am quoting?



Yup, Rachael Ray!!

Yesterday my Mom and I had a chance to be in the audience for  not one, but two taping of the Rachael Ray Show !!! Our day started bright and early, which for everyone who knows me, I am not a morning girl! But I surprisingly was up and ready when mom picked me up at 6am to catch the 6:26am train to NYC. I pity the people who take that commute every day!  Mom had requested the tickets months ago, and was just given them last week! They also said it was not a guarantee that we would be able to get in! We made it to the studio just in time, receiving #88 & 89 tickets. Not bad considering they cut off the line at  120! 

ticket #88

We did have to wait quite a long time, but we offered coffee, danish, water and Bran  Muffins (gross). When we were settled into our seats, they announced that 2 episodes were going to be taped! That meant TWO recipes and TWO celebrity guests! Very cool, huh? The first guest was Sarah Silverman, who I have become a fan of recently. She was promoting her new book The Bedwetter and Sarah was hysterical! We were given not only her new book, but also Season 2 of her TV show! Our second celebrity was Julianne Moore, who is more beautiful in person, and very down-to-earth. Unfortunately, Mom and I still can’t figure out what she was there for? LOL 😆

One thing I have to say was I bit turned off to Rachael, after watching the taping. Yes, I know, you lose a lot of the magic when you are in the studio. On camera, she was the Rach we all know and love, but as soon as the cameras were off….POW she was different. She seemed quick and almost agitated and she never really interacted with any of the studio audience. She may have been having an off day? I am hoping so, but for now I think I am going to stick with watching Rachael, whom I have come to know and love, from the comfort of my own couch.

All in all, Mom and I had a GREAT day! We joke all the time how we travel so well together! When we travel with the men we love, sometime things get a little stressful…but not when it’s just us. No worries..Lite breakfast on the train, taxi’s to and from the studio, and a delish early dinner at the Irish Pub before we leisurely headed back to Penn Station! We were, or so it seemed, the only two who talked and laughed sometimes hysterically, the whole trip there and back!


All the FREE goodies from the show!

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One of my many weaknesses is Sewing Patterns.. I just love them. I love looking for them, buying, and even sometime making them 🙂

One of my favorite place to look is Ebay. You can find so many different &  OOP (out of print) varieties. But, today I was taken back….

Can someone please tell me when the 1980’s became VINTAGE???

My definition of vintage is 50’s, 60’s and maybe just possibly the 70’s (which would make me vintage)..but the 80’s???

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Aahhh..We have really been blessed. Not only do we have the week off, but we are having this un-seasonably warm weather to enjoy right along with it! With the temperatures ranging in the 70-80’s, it has given me a glimpse of what my future Summer holds, and boy, am I excited! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not quite ready for Summer. I will equally enjoy the kids returning to school next week, but when June rolls around…woo hoo! 

We have been all enjoying the week off with Summer reminiscent activities… 

Nate is going on day 2 of spending the Day at the BEACH with his buddy R! 


Summer 2009


We have been enjoying meals on the grill 



And the part I have been enjoying the most… I have been sewing until the wee hours of the night 😉 


Midnight Creation

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New Look 6731


I have had this pattern for quite some time now, and have finally sat down and made it..TWICE! I Love the top! I did have to do a bit of altering making it smaller in some places, but after top #2 I think I have a great wardrobe builder! I am hoping to pair these tops with the new skirts I have been making 😉

New Look 6731


New Look 6731

Notice my handy dandy shoe lace I have tied to my shelving to display my creations??…well I have found another use for the mock – clothesline…..it a great place to store my pattern pieces as I am working …easy to access without the risk of blowing around!

Pattern Keeper

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