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What a crabby day

Mary Engelbreit


I should have just stayed in bed..if I was comfortable I may have….

terrible night sleep from my RA…..

within 30 minutes of waking..Erinn and Nate were already at each other’s throats…..

Within inches of the final hem on the bathroom curtain, I run out of bobbin in the sewing machine……

Did I mention my body is killing me? 😦 ……..

and the final straw…..

popping Nate’s clothes in the dryer because I was too lazy to put them on the line… and I hear clunk clunkity clunk  ..

Ugh..his Nintendo DS was in his jeans pockets and ran through the wash cycle…seriously? praying it will dry out and work


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Okay, so if you called me right now and said…
“I would like to stick a needle in your foot a thousand times for an awesome tattoo”

I would say..”Sign Me Up!”

But if I receive this in the mail from the pharmacy and instructed to take one injection once a week…

You will find me under the dining room table with my head between my knees 😦


No, I DO NOT have Cancer, Praise God

But the medicine that is used to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis, is traditionally used in Chemotherapy. I have always known this, but I have been taking this in a pill form. Lately, my RA has been acting up, so my doc decided to switch me to injection form, which is a bit more potent and effective treatment.  But, opening this up in the mail was a bit startling and scary. I didn’t realize the severity of my treatment, I guess..

Why am I such a baby? I dunno 😦 What’s the difference?

Will I complain each week when Hubs gives me an injection?

You bet!

Will I make another tattoo appointment before Summer rolls around???




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Ticked Off…..

Take your pick

*BEWARE*  this is a major VENT

Matty needed a “Re-Cert” for Lacrosse. For those who don’t know, a Re-cert is just a slip a paper signed by the doc that is used each sport season between the year the actual Physical was taken. It states that he hasn’t had any problems since the last physical and that he is still cleared for sports. So I drop off to the Pedi, first thing Monday AM…call Tuesday AM, still not ready. SO I head there later that day around 2pm, nothing but I will wait. I am now running out of office to run it back to school so he doesn’t miss any valuable practice time. (He is now playing GOALIE!)

When I get in the car, I see the wrong info on the paper! They used my wrong son to fill out the Re-cert! Which is annoying for two reasons 1) It has the wrong original physical date, which would nullify the re-cert, so it HAS to be corrected and 2) it is a bit concerning that they did not notice that my 7yr old son was playing Varsity Lacrosse??? What else do they miss? Yes, I know they are human, mistakes happen, but Geez..not today. So back in I go. Now they are all pointing fingers and arguing behind the desk, which leads to a very uncomfortable situation. But it is corrected and I am back on my way…

Well, Practice just ended, and he comes home and says this isn’t good enough! WHAT??!! They don’t have his current physical on file, a new one needs to be done! Fisrt off, they had to have the new one for Football, Second it clearly stated when his last physical was taken on his amended re-cert..so that means that they LOST it! It’s not the money …the forms just need to be re-filled out by the pedi because he does have a current physical, but it will now take DAYS to fix! The pedi office will have me wait a minimum of 3 days easy! Then it needs to be verified by the school physician…Un-freakin-believable! Like I have nothing better to do, than run around like a mad woman and the worst of it? HE is missing practice!

 *Edit* I have decided a little Cone Zone always makes it better 🙂

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