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Okay, so if you called me right now and said…
“I would like to stick a needle in your foot a thousand times for an awesome tattoo”

I would say..”Sign Me Up!”

But if I receive this in the mail from the pharmacy and instructed to take one injection once a week…

You will find me under the dining room table with my head between my knees 😦


No, I DO NOT have Cancer, Praise God

But the medicine that is used to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis, is traditionally used in Chemotherapy. I have always known this, but I have been taking this in a pill form. Lately, my RA has been acting up, so my doc decided to switch me to injection form, which is a bit more potent and effective treatment.  But, opening this up in the mail was a bit startling and scary. I didn’t realize the severity of my treatment, I guess..

Why am I such a baby? I dunno 😦 What’s the difference?

Will I complain each week when Hubs gives me an injection?

You bet!

Will I make another tattoo appointment before Summer rolls around???





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