One of my many weaknesses is Sewing Patterns.. I just love them. I love looking for them, buying, and even sometime making them 🙂

One of my favorite place to look is Ebay. You can find so many different &  OOP (out of print) varieties. But, today I was taken back….

Can someone please tell me when the 1980’s became VINTAGE???

My definition of vintage is 50’s, 60’s and maybe just possibly the 70’s (which would make me vintage)..but the 80’s???


Another Birthday Weekend

Had her cake AND ate it too


Yup, my little girl is now a


And to keep  with our family traditions, we partied all weekend!

We celebrated Erinn’s actual birthday at Cousin Kim’s. The girls had some friends over and surprised her with an ice-cream cake!

Birthday Cake at Kim's


Keeping with birthday tradition, Erinn was able to choose the dinner of her choice at Mom’s.

BBQ Ribs, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob & Caesar Salad


Birthday Dinner - Erinn & Renee


My TWO teenagers


We then were able to enjoy another birthday cake… Birthday girl’s choice..Yellow cake with Lemon Frosting


Make a Wish


Josh, Kait, Joe, Nate, Matt, Erinn & Nana


And before dinner, Matthew couldn’t wait to share some fun news of his own……


I have exciting news!


When we came home from Church this morning,

my FIL surprised Matty with the news that he just bought him

his first car!

Yes, he has a year to wait, but he can practice driving it as soon as gets his permit and

can do some work on it while he waits…

very impatiently….LOL

Needless to say, he is THRILLED

Dress Pattern


I had purchased this pattern off  of Ebay quite some time ago. It is an OOP (out of print) pattern. I wanted a dress that didn’t require a shirt underneath, and that would also have a flattering fit. I did adjust the sizes a bit in the hip area 😳 and it fit perfectly!  


  • Lined Bodice – Love the seamless simplicity
  • Neck variations – I think I will try the scoop neck next


  • I felt the bodice was a little too short – I think I will lengthen it by and 1 1/2″ next time
  • Tie Ends – I hate the instructions for turning the straps, I prefer to turn in seams and sew

This is a pattern that I can really dress up or down…mostly down with earthy prints to wear with my Birkenstocks 😉 


I am already on my second dress from this pattern and I am very excited! Now if I can just have Mother Nature cooperate with my plans of wearing sleeveless dresses, I will be SET! 


Aahhh..We have really been blessed. Not only do we have the week off, but we are having this un-seasonably warm weather to enjoy right along with it! With the temperatures ranging in the 70-80’s, it has given me a glimpse of what my future Summer holds, and boy, am I excited! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not quite ready for Summer. I will equally enjoy the kids returning to school next week, but when June rolls around…woo hoo! 

We have been all enjoying the week off with Summer reminiscent activities… 

Nate is going on day 2 of spending the Day at the BEACH with his buddy R! 


Summer 2009


We have been enjoying meals on the grill 



And the part I have been enjoying the most… I have been sewing until the wee hours of the night 😉 


Midnight Creation

Shirt Pattern

New Look 6731


I have had this pattern for quite some time now, and have finally sat down and made it..TWICE! I Love the top! I did have to do a bit of altering making it smaller in some places, but after top #2 I think I have a great wardrobe builder! I am hoping to pair these tops with the new skirts I have been making 😉

New Look 6731


New Look 6731

Notice my handy dandy shoe lace I have tied to my shelving to display my creations??…well I have found another use for the mock – clothesline…..it a great place to store my pattern pieces as I am working …easy to access without the risk of blowing around!

Pattern Keeper

Skirt Pattern


Lands End


I knew exactly what I wanted

  • foldover waist
  • soft knit
  • mid-calf length

And what I didn’t

  • expensive prices
  • crazy prints
  • short lengths

I live in Yoga Pants, preferably fold over waist, so I thought this would be a great alternative… a Yoga Skirt 🙂 I thought it would be fairly easy, but I was wrong. To buy a skirt, I would spend at least $35 per skirt, and it still wasn’t exactly what I wanted. And looking for a sewing pattern was another FAIL. I was a bit apprehensive after the day I had been having, but I decided to go for it anyhow. I had one skirt pattern I like and found another pattern with a waistband that I thought I could tweak and fit on the skirt…and for a fraction of the price I would pay retail.. I already had the patterns and had purchased the knit fabric just a few weeks ago for $12… So With McCalls #4464  wide waistband  and Simplicity’s #9628 Skirt pattern..I did a little adjusting with length and width… And I came up with this beauty…. 😉


Grey Fold-Over Skirt


It is just what I wanted, a bit full in the hip area but not too much… So I went through my fabric and  grabbed  New Look #6086 Shirt pattern and thought I could make a great lounging outfit!


New Look 6086

This is the ultimate comfy outfit without looking sloppy. I am so pleased! My day has turned around, it seems like the trick was to write it down and move on!  After my crabby post, my backyard neighbor called and so graciously took Nate-Dog for the whole day, I sewed some great things, played some basketball with Erinn, made burgers on the grill and ate outside with Hubs…and I am even getting a girls-nite with Tina tonight 🙂 And I can’t wait to start sewing again!  I did make another skirt, but  I think I need to call it night so I can get ready!

Tie-dye foldover waist

What a crabby day

Mary Engelbreit


I should have just stayed in bed..if I was comfortable I may have….

terrible night sleep from my RA…..

within 30 minutes of waking..Erinn and Nate were already at each other’s throats…..

Within inches of the final hem on the bathroom curtain, I run out of bobbin in the sewing machine……

Did I mention my body is killing me? 😦 ……..

and the final straw…..

popping Nate’s clothes in the dryer because I was too lazy to put them on the line… and I hear clunk clunkity clunk  ..

Ugh..his Nintendo DS was in his jeans pockets and ran through the wash cycle…seriously? praying it will dry out and work