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Well, our bathroom re-model is taken a bit longer than I hoped for, but it is finally moving along! It has been a lot of hurry up and wait. We had to wait until after our Superbowl party to even start. We needed the 2 bathrooms for sure, with all of us! It then took a weekend to rip out and cut out the old bath tub and shower, the walls and the floor. Walls and floor went up, then down because of a leak in the upstairs bathroom, new copper pipes were put in downstairs, lights were moved and re-wired. Then to wait again for the NEW tub to be installed!!!! Well that day has come! Our new tub and shower was installed yesterday! Oh what a beautiful sight! Now Hubs can finish spackling, put up the tile board on the walls, install the floor, I can paint and then the toilet & vanity can go in!!!

Here is a sneak preview….Our new tub/shower...Aaaahhhh


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