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Just writing this post makes me chuckle..hehe

Over at our Church, we have these great Lenten Family Night’s every Wednesday. We enjoy a meal together, break off into age groups for fun, learning, and crafts & then wrap it up in the Sanctuary with Hymm Sing-a -Longs along with Grace and her Piano. We are also practicing with our kids for 3 different plays they will perform as a Sermon on Palm Sunday! How cool is that??!!! It is such fun! I wish we had these nights more often than just for the Lenten season. All three of my kids look forward to this all week long! What a wonderful place for them to want to go and connect with our “family”! We see friends we don’t usually get to sit and chat with after Sunday service, and we get to have this fellowship over delicious food!!! Yes, I know, spoken like a true Methodist 🙂

Which leads me to my funny memory. During family night last week, my daughter begins to follow/stalk me with a video camera (the GAP kids are making a video for Palm Sunday service) She finally gets in front of me and says ” ok, fill in the blank. Got___???” So, my first thought comes out…”Got Dinner?” Okay, unless you had the misfortune to see the video of the Pumpkin Olympics where again I am faced with that darn video camera and I am captured rattling off all the delicious goodies I have consumed at this fun get- together, you wouldn’t fully understand… Let’s put it this way..I love GOD & I love FOOD 🙂


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