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Ahh… With risk of sounding like a crazed teenage girl..I am crushing HARD on Robert Pattinson!

I mean, seriously people, can he get any dreamier???

 I am a big Twilight & Team Edward fan, so I was a bit nervous to go  see Remember Me,

with the fear of being let down of  him not fulfilling my “Edward” expectations.


Last Night, Tina and I planned a girls night of Dinner then the movie.

We were like giddy school-girls, even before we left! God Bless our hubby’s for putting up with us! LOL!

Now in all honesty, we weren’t sure if we were more excited about

the movie or the trailer for Eclipse!!!!

Well! I can safely say, I we are no longer just Edward fans, but

Robert Pattinson fans!!!!!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and wanna see the dreamiest Rob Patz ever….GOTODAY!


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