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Summer is Here! And I am going to have a PLAN! 

Don’t get me wrong, we always have a great Summer, I just don’t always get to accomplish everything I wanted to. 

So..my new plan is to write a to-do list 

  • Beach days at least twice a week – with or without the kids!
  • Read a book a week
  • Go out to dinner for our 15th Wedding Anniversary
  • Scrub my bike with brillo to get rid of some of that rust
  • Go for bike ride with kids
  • Camp in our Pop-Up, even it means we have to sleep in the back yard
  • Sew! for me, the kids..whoever..just SEW
  • Clean my van inside and out, with some help from the kids
  • Finally save a jar for those darn Lightening Bugs
  • Take the kids to the beach to watch the sunrise
  • Dinners on the Beach
  • Hit the Gym 3 times a week
  • Have dinner with my parents at least every other week
  • More nights on the deck
  • Finally catch those free movies on Thursday mornings
  • More days laughing, less days yelling
  • Sign the kids and ME up for the FREE Summer bowling plan
  • Bring Nate to the Library program every week
  • Attend the Tuesday Worship Services
  • Have one-on-one time with each of the kids more than once
  • Have a girls nite by the firepit with Sangria
  • Make more dinners in the Crock-Pot on Beach Days
  • Use the Pedicure G/C that hubs gave me for CHRISTMAS!



Summer 2010




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Ahh… With risk of sounding like a crazed teenage girl..I am crushing HARD on Robert Pattinson!

I mean, seriously people, can he get any dreamier???

 I am a big Twilight & Team Edward fan, so I was a bit nervous to go  see Remember Me,

with the fear of being let down of  him not fulfilling my “Edward” expectations.


Last Night, Tina and I planned a girls night of Dinner then the movie.

We were like giddy school-girls, even before we left! God Bless our hubby’s for putting up with us! LOL!

Now in all honesty, we weren’t sure if we were more excited about

the movie or the trailer for Eclipse!!!!

Well! I can safely say, I we are no longer just Edward fans, but

Robert Pattinson fans!!!!!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and wanna see the dreamiest Rob Patz ever….GOTODAY!

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