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Well, I am pleased to announce a new recipe has been added to our lineup! I have been wanting to try this for quite some, because this is one of hubby’s faves. He was a bit leery, but he was happily surprised!

You can also find the recipe for Scrumptious Salisbury Steak and Gravy  over at Allrecipes! I did double the gravy and tripled the chop meat. This served our family with NO leftovers!

This is the measurements/ tweaks that I did.

3lbs ground beef                                           1 small (4oz) can sliced mushrooms *drained*

3 eggs                                                              5 tbl butter

12 ritz crackers, crushed                            6 tbl flour

1tsp onion pwd, salt/pepper                    4 cups milk

1 cup boiling water                                   6 beef bouillon cubes

Mix beef, eggs, cracker crumbs & spices. form into longer patties around 1″ thick. I made six patties out of 3 lbs.

Fry over med/high heat 4 minutes each side. Place in 300 degree oven when done to keep warm

Drain oil and then melt butter in pan. Add mushrooms and cook on medium for 2-3 minutes.

Sprinkle flour and mix well. Slowly add milk & broth, stirring frequently, until gravy become thicker and smooth.

I cooked the gravy for about ten minutes. Add steaks to gravy and simmer on LOW for 10 minutes.

That’s it! I served with Mashed Red Bliss & Green beans!



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Everyone here on the East Coast has their opinion of Snow. For those who don’t know, I believe we have gotten over 50 inches of snow this winter already! Some enjoy a snow storm or two, and enough already! Others don’t like  Snow, PERIOD! Yup! I can not even conceive it, and if I didn’t have one of my besties feel that way, I just wouldn’t believe people like her existed! But I do have to admit, I think I am breaking her down..after spending almost 3 straight days with us during the last storm…I think she enjoyed our Snow Days! 🙂

I personally LOVE it, as long as I don’t have to be out in it.  I don’t like to be cold and I don’t like to be wet, so I certainly don’t like to be both at the same time! But give me a few movies, some cuddly kiddos and a full pantry….And I am set! I have already hit the grocery store, have tons of snacks to nibble on and have decided this a good day to try out some new recipes! I have really slacked on my budget overhaul..but I am getting their slowly…that is a whole separate post!

So, grab your warm and cuddly kiddies, make some hot cocoa and enjoy the snow, it won’t last forever! Promise 🙂

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I have been upset with myself that this was the week I decided to hash out my recipes, because it has been such a crazy week. Between my brother leaving and my house being turned upside down with the bathroom re-model. Then today it dawned on me that this was the most perfect week to start!

See when things are going smooth over here, I become very ambitious and do not leave any room in my budget for weeks like this. That is where I always fall short and feel discouraged. When I follow these great menus and budgets I have devised and then BAM….craziness hits and I fall off the track. Well, now I now what I need to include and make room for in my budget overhaul….inconvenient weeks.

We have already done the pizza route, which I have learned is $20 sans hubby ( we visited the pizza shop he works in one day a week, great benefits!!) and tonight our easy, my house is covered in sheet rock dust meal is….Baked Chicken Patty sandwiches, cut up apples or carrots & Chips, which is $18 for the meal thanks to Wal-Mart!

I feel so much better! I am ahead of the game, or I keep telling myself that! I am not perfect and meals don’t always have to be either. And the best part, the kids don’t realize either 🙂

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Well, it is only day 1 of my research, but it is not looking promising 😦

Thanks to my picky family, who do not like many veggies, beans, rice or seafood….my meatless recipes consist of

  1. pasta
  2. pizza
  3. grilled cheese and soup
  4. breakfast for dinner and “hold the bacon”
  5. fishsticks..but this is only good for the kids..hubby will not eat them

Ok, so my conclusion in this short study is……………..I’m moving on to STEP 2 of my Grocery Budget Stretch

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Trying to make ends meet, and still staying within my grocery budget has become next to impossible!  I used to be able to feed my family of five under $100 a week..well those days are long gone

I do understand why…

1) having a teenage boy has made a huge difference..he eats for 2, maybe 3 people! And when there is 1 teenage boy, there is usually another right behind him, so we rarely have dinner without a guest or two!

2) grocery prices have gone up

3) we have been trying to eat more fresh produce, which hikes up the bill a bit

So now my goal is to figure out what my new budget can reasonably be and how to keep it under that! Growing up, we very rarely had a “meatless” meal, so I am guilty of  upholding that tradition. Which brings me to my first, of many, dilemma….

Can we have meatless meals?? How would my family, who is picky about their veggies, handle this change? And if they are on board, how many days of the week can we do it? Oh boy, now my mind is spinning. What is there besides spaghetti & pizza? This will be my project for the next few days…Searching Meatless recipes and feeling out the family…Wish me luck

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