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Alright, so maybe it is not my best foot, as I am in desperate need of a pedicure, but….

my new tattoo surely rocks! I have wanted one on top of my foot for over 10 years, but I kept wimping out.

My poor foot looked like it was missing something.. until now that is 🙂


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Another productive day in the sewing room

 Another pair of snuggly PJ’s for my little friend….


Not a sewing project , but a project for the Sewing Room

Dropping off a bag of things at the Thrift Shop, I found this Picture Frame



I loved the double mat, but it did have a broken corner and was a bit bland…




A little paint, wood glue and some of fave Mary Engelbreit pics…

and it’s just what I imagined for my workspace!


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I am on a roll, and how appropriate, with my current mood, to finish this project tonight!

Cross Stitched Hand Towel for the bathroom

Loving my new pattern cross stitch pattern book!

The Quote is also on the Mary Engelbreit artwork hanging in the new Bathroom

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