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So, can you guess who I am quoting?



Yup, Rachael Ray!!

Yesterday my Mom and I had a chance to be in the audience for  not one, but two taping of the Rachael Ray Show !!! Our day started bright and early, which for everyone who knows me, I am not a morning girl! But I surprisingly was up and ready when mom picked me up at 6am to catch the 6:26am train to NYC. I pity the people who take that commute every day!  Mom had requested the tickets months ago, and was just given them last week! They also said it was not a guarantee that we would be able to get in! We made it to the studio just in time, receiving #88 & 89 tickets. Not bad considering they cut off the line at  120! 

ticket #88

We did have to wait quite a long time, but we offered coffee, danish, water and Bran  Muffins (gross). When we were settled into our seats, they announced that 2 episodes were going to be taped! That meant TWO recipes and TWO celebrity guests! Very cool, huh? The first guest was Sarah Silverman, who I have become a fan of recently. She was promoting her new book The Bedwetter and Sarah was hysterical! We were given not only her new book, but also Season 2 of her TV show! Our second celebrity was Julianne Moore, who is more beautiful in person, and very down-to-earth. Unfortunately, Mom and I still can’t figure out what she was there for? LOL 😆

One thing I have to say was I bit turned off to Rachael, after watching the taping. Yes, I know, you lose a lot of the magic when you are in the studio. On camera, she was the Rach we all know and love, but as soon as the cameras were off….POW she was different. She seemed quick and almost agitated and she never really interacted with any of the studio audience. She may have been having an off day? I am hoping so, but for now I think I am going to stick with watching Rachael, whom I have come to know and love, from the comfort of my own couch.

All in all, Mom and I had a GREAT day! We joke all the time how we travel so well together! When we travel with the men we love, sometime things get a little stressful…but not when it’s just us. No worries..Lite breakfast on the train, taxi’s to and from the studio, and a delish early dinner at the Irish Pub before we leisurely headed back to Penn Station! We were, or so it seemed, the only two who talked and laughed sometimes hysterically, the whole trip there and back!


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