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So over the last few weeks, I have been quite busy in my sewing room! I have had some busts but also some awesome wardrobe builders too!

I have been focusing on dresses. I LOVE dresses. They are feminine, comfy when you feel blah, most of the time flattering, can be casual or dressed up..I can go on and on…


I started to feel inspired once I completed my famous “Mu Mu” dress. So then I decided to make TWO more of that style

Please excuse my hideous posing, but after T made fun of me, I tried to liven my stance up a bit 🙂



Red Firecrackers


My favorite variation


Then I visited another old favorite,  New Look 6677


reminds me of a funky top from the 70's


Ok, so now I am feeling pretty confident and decide to dive into a NEW pattern..Ugh


Not so crazy about the sash


And my first Bust…New Look 6239. It was so super easy to make, but it just made me look like a BLIMP!

I even tried to make a second dress, hoping it would miraculously become flattering..

No dice.  But it is the perfect post-beach attire…light comfy and I could run to grocery store if I really had too


Post Beach Dress, for sure!


Alright, that pattern is socked away for a much later day and I decide to try, try again!


White Eyelet Tunic


Yay! Simplicity 2596!! LOVE LOVE this top! There are so many ways to change this top up, possibilities are endless!


Eyelet trim


This has renewed my drive for sewing! I LOVE to sew and I especially enjoy it during the lazy days and nights of Summer :O)


will look nicer with a cami underneath


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Ugh..I have been MIA in my blogging world..yes I know. Life has been quite busy and sewing…well I have been sewing. But lately it has been nothing to blog about 😦 That is..until today!

Yes, I had a Hallelujah moment!

I have been trying to sew the perfect dress. But not just any dress. I need it to be functional, comfy and also something I could run out of the house with and not feel like a hot mess.

Enter….The MU-MU


Simplicity 2408

I have to admit, I was a bit worried that it would be too frumpy, but I really don’t think so! And can you believe I made this out of an old bed sheet! After all the mishaps that I have had with patterns lately, I was hesitant to use any of my good fabric.

Another neat plus….It has pockets! I am a pocket gal, I always have a paper towel shoved in one, my chapstick, hair ties….you get the point


I will be making this again, hopefully TONIGHT!


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Well, I  have been a bit busy this week, but I was still able to get some sewing done.  I was waiting pretty impatiently for all my new Sewing Patterns to arrive in the mail, so I just couldn’t get any more accomplished.



I have had this pattern for some time, and when I pulled it out I realized I had already cut  fabric out, so that was my motivation!

I did find the neck facing to be a bit tricky, but when it was complete, I was very pleased!

 I will make this again for sure, especially with the longer sleeves

New Look 6677


Another pattern I have had for quite some time. I wasn’t sure about the fit, and didn’t want to waste all that fabric. So, I decided to make use of an old top sheet I had. The fabric worked perfectly and I have decided this will make a great cover-up for the beach. I have been wanting some shorter length tops, so this pattern proves to be a winner in my summer wardrobe!


Simplicity 2643

Well, as I was on a roll..a NEW pattern came in the mail! 🙂



I had seen this pattern on PR and realized this was just what I was looking for a few weeks back! A loose fitting skirt with a foldover waist! I loved the look of the bubble skirt, but without the bubble. So I omitted the lining and created a perfect skirt! I think I make the next skirt just a little longer…

Sorry I didn’t model the skirt, but it was late and I was too lazy to change


Simplicity 4237

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One of my many weaknesses is Sewing Patterns.. I just love them. I love looking for them, buying, and even sometime making them 🙂

One of my favorite place to look is Ebay. You can find so many different &  OOP (out of print) varieties. But, today I was taken back….

Can someone please tell me when the 1980’s became VINTAGE???

My definition of vintage is 50’s, 60’s and maybe just possibly the 70’s (which would make me vintage)..but the 80’s???

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I had purchased this pattern off  of Ebay quite some time ago. It is an OOP (out of print) pattern. I wanted a dress that didn’t require a shirt underneath, and that would also have a flattering fit. I did adjust the sizes a bit in the hip area 😳 and it fit perfectly!  


  • Lined Bodice – Love the seamless simplicity
  • Neck variations – I think I will try the scoop neck next


  • I felt the bodice was a little too short – I think I will lengthen it by and 1 1/2″ next time
  • Tie Ends – I hate the instructions for turning the straps, I prefer to turn in seams and sew

This is a pattern that I can really dress up or down…mostly down with earthy prints to wear with my Birkenstocks 😉 


I am already on my second dress from this pattern and I am very excited! Now if I can just have Mother Nature cooperate with my plans of wearing sleeveless dresses, I will be SET! 


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New Look 6731


I have had this pattern for quite some time now, and have finally sat down and made it..TWICE! I Love the top! I did have to do a bit of altering making it smaller in some places, but after top #2 I think I have a great wardrobe builder! I am hoping to pair these tops with the new skirts I have been making 😉

New Look 6731


New Look 6731

Notice my handy dandy shoe lace I have tied to my shelving to display my creations??…well I have found another use for the mock – clothesline…..it a great place to store my pattern pieces as I am working …easy to access without the risk of blowing around!

Pattern Keeper

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Another great day in the Sewing Room! I have finally found such a Quick & Easy pattern for Sewing Machine Cover and it also came with some great accent patterns too! It is McCalls 8391.  I only needed a yard for each pattern and each one took me under an hour to complete!

I made covers for my Sewing machine and Serger, a trash bag for the Serger and this great wedge pillow for my sewing chair. My RA has been really bothering lately, so I am hoping this should give me some relief so I can continue to sew. I am really enjoying these projects and I hope I can keep thinking up fun ideas so I don’t fizzle out…


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