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Well, I  have been a bit busy this week, but I was still able to get some sewing done.  I was waiting pretty impatiently for all my new Sewing Patterns to arrive in the mail, so I just couldn’t get any more accomplished.



I have had this pattern for some time, and when I pulled it out I realized I had already cut  fabric out, so that was my motivation!

I did find the neck facing to be a bit tricky, but when it was complete, I was very pleased!

 I will make this again for sure, especially with the longer sleeves

New Look 6677


Another pattern I have had for quite some time. I wasn’t sure about the fit, and didn’t want to waste all that fabric. So, I decided to make use of an old top sheet I had. The fabric worked perfectly and I have decided this will make a great cover-up for the beach. I have been wanting some shorter length tops, so this pattern proves to be a winner in my summer wardrobe!


Simplicity 2643

Well, as I was on a roll..a NEW pattern came in the mail! 🙂



I had seen this pattern on PR and realized this was just what I was looking for a few weeks back! A loose fitting skirt with a foldover waist! I loved the look of the bubble skirt, but without the bubble. So I omitted the lining and created a perfect skirt! I think I make the next skirt just a little longer…

Sorry I didn’t model the skirt, but it was late and I was too lazy to change


Simplicity 4237


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Ok,  so as much as I loved the curtains I made from the inside, they just looked way too bright from the outside 😦

I decided to go through my curtain collection. I knew exactly what I wanted..Some privacy when I sew at night, but still light in the daytime, and I also wanted a bit whimsical….

I have to admit, I have never mixed two different curtains on the same window..but this just worked & I love them! 


Whimsy curtains



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Another great day in the Sewing Room! I have finally found such a Quick & Easy pattern for Sewing Machine Cover and it also came with some great accent patterns too! It is McCalls 8391.  I only needed a yard for each pattern and each one took me under an hour to complete!

I made covers for my Sewing machine and Serger, a trash bag for the Serger and this great wedge pillow for my sewing chair. My RA has been really bothering lately, so I am hoping this should give me some relief so I can continue to sew. I am really enjoying these projects and I hope I can keep thinking up fun ideas so I don’t fizzle out…


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Another productive day in the sewing room

 Another pair of snuggly PJ’s for my little friend….


Not a sewing project , but a project for the Sewing Room

Dropping off a bag of things at the Thrift Shop, I found this Picture Frame



I loved the double mat, but it did have a broken corner and was a bit bland…




A little paint, wood glue and some of fave Mary Engelbreit pics…

and it’s just what I imagined for my workspace!


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It has been two days since my big Sewing Room overhaul..

and I have been a Sewing Machine!! hehehe



I was so excited, I didn’t what to start with..

so I began catching up on some repairs I needed to get done..

I also had “my little helper” during the day



I had been promising him some new Pj’s



I still had so much of the afternoon left, so I decided to spruce up my curtain situation….



We had a playdate today, so I didn’t get back in the sewing room until around 7pm,

So I got started on arm rest covers for the couches..



Now, those were a first for me, without a pattern.

I am planning on perfecting them and covering the cushions as well….soon

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Well, it feels like I am always trying a way to organize my sewing room. It could have something to do with the fact that it’s also the laundry & computer room. Which makes it harder, trying to keep an organized space just for me.


I have been searching for the perfect shelving system. But I needed it to be affordable and sturdy.

Fabric is surprisingly very heavy and according to my mom, I have so much I could sell it!


Well, my day has come!

 After searching high and low, I have found the PERFECT Shelves!

I am a little leery about all of my fabric being exposed, so I may make some kind of dust curtain.


                                                                           I am proud to say I put both  together without any help from Hubs!!

Sorting, folding, and color coding all my fabric was pure torture,

 but in the end…..

Totally worth it!


I am so excited to get beck to my sewing projects! It has been a few weeks and I have so many ideas brewing,

I now have the perfect atmosphere!

Welcome to My Sewing Room!


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