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Everyone here on the East Coast has their opinion of Snow. For those who don’t know, I believe we have gotten over 50 inches of snow this winter already! Some enjoy a snow storm or two, and enough already! Others don’t like  Snow, PERIOD! Yup! I can not even conceive it, and if I didn’t have one of my besties feel that way, I just wouldn’t believe people like her existed! But I do have to admit, I think I am breaking her down..after spending almost 3 straight days with us during the last storm…I think she enjoyed our Snow Days! 🙂

I personally LOVE it, as long as I don’t have to be out in it.  I don’t like to be cold and I don’t like to be wet, so I certainly don’t like to be both at the same time! But give me a few movies, some cuddly kiddos and a full pantry….And I am set! I have already hit the grocery store, have tons of snacks to nibble on and have decided this a good day to try out some new recipes! I have really slacked on my budget overhaul..but I am getting their slowly…that is a whole separate post!

So, grab your warm and cuddly kiddies, make some hot cocoa and enjoy the snow, it won’t last forever! Promise 🙂


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