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Had her cake AND ate it too


Yup, my little girl is now a


And to keep  with our family traditions, we partied all weekend!

We celebrated Erinn’s actual birthday at Cousin Kim’s. The girls had some friends over and surprised her with an ice-cream cake!

Birthday Cake at Kim's


Keeping with birthday tradition, Erinn was able to choose the dinner of her choice at Mom’s.

BBQ Ribs, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob & Caesar Salad


Birthday Dinner - Erinn & Renee


My TWO teenagers


We then were able to enjoy another birthday cake… Birthday girl’s choice..Yellow cake with Lemon Frosting


Make a Wish


Josh, Kait, Joe, Nate, Matt, Erinn & Nana


And before dinner, Matthew couldn’t wait to share some fun news of his own……


I have exciting news!


When we came home from Church this morning,

my FIL surprised Matty with the news that he just bought him

his first car!

Yes, he has a year to wait, but he can practice driving it as soon as gets his permit and

can do some work on it while he waits…

very impatiently….LOL

Needless to say, he is THRILLED


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Have you seen my son?

He answers to Matt, Matthew, Matt-man, and most affectionately.. Matty.

Only a few months have gone by since I swaddled and rocked him to sleep, smelling his sweet baby scent.

I believe it was just last week, we registered for Kindergarten and then came home and snuggled together on the couch with a 4pc Happy Meal that filled his tummy to the brim .

Just a few days ago, he couldn’t pronounce his “R” sounds and I was his Valentine.  

And it was just yesterday that he graduated 8th grade and was ready for High School.

Now there is a young man residing here, who answers to all the names listed above, but he is a whole head taller than me, shaves every day, eats every meal like it was his last and pronounces his R’s just fine. He has a hysterical sense of humor and is  great role model to the younger ones of the household.

But this handsome young man can’t be my Matty

although he does sit fairly close to me on the couch, and he does end a phone call to me with an I love you….

On second thought, I think I will hang on to this special, caring young man..as long as he will let me 🙂

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Well that’s what it feels like anyhow. Nobody sent me the memo on how things change so quickly when the kids become older and more independent. I mean, yes I knew some things would get easier..and some tougher, but somehow it has happened so quickly right before my eyes!

All of the sudden, the kids are making their own plans and finding their own rides. We ran to Home Depot with the 2 younger ones, and my daughter casually says ” I think I am going to call Grandma and see if  I can sleepover.” Then, proceed to ask Little Guy if he would like to join her???  dodododo dododododo.. You are now entering the Twilight Zone….

First off, she has never suggested that before, and second and most shocking, she has NEVER asked to spend more time with her little brother!!

When we get home, they are packing their bags, my oldest calls from his pals and asks to spend the night over there! Wow-wee!! Just 5 short years ago, I would have paid top dollar for someone to take all three off my hands, and now they are planning their own escape!

It is now 8pm, and hubby and I  are sitting on the couch dumbfounded. Yes, looking back this has happened quite a bit lately, but it just hit us NOW! What should we do? Go to bed? Watch TV? We didn’t have tons of extra money to go out to eat..so now what?? We went bowling and had a blast!! Just the two of us! It was weird at first, and I do have to admit I had considered calling my younger ones and just let them know we were going in case they changed their minds…blush! But then we bowled a few games, and then paid for a few more..having so much fun together!

Then we arrived back at Planet Earth… got a few calls from my daughter, she was bored…My mom called, she was worried at my brother…So then I decided to check in with my oldest. Dropped him a text around 10pm. Now he is very responsible, always calls and checks in without me reminding him, so I never worry about him. That was until last night!

We came home, threw ourselves on the couch both moaning how sore we were from all those extra games of bowling and wondering where our curve ball was that we use on Wii Sports! We popped some Aleve and headed to bed, when I realized my son never got back to me! Ok, now it’s almost midnight?? wait, he always texts back! I text again, and threaten him, thinking I am being blown off. Nothing . Call him. Nothing .  Hubby calls. Nothing…..now it’s 12:15 and I am starting to panic. I am worried because I am worried! I never worry, so why am I worrying now? Oh dear…. Call his friends home phone, this will settle this. Nothing . Now hubby is starting to get concerned too. So, now at 12:35, we are both in our PJ’s, in the cold, driving to his friends home. Lights are out, and not all the cars are there..oh boy… Hubby knocks on the door..and five minutes later, two sleepy-headed teenagers answer the door! THANK GOD! They fell asleep on the couch early watching a movie, and only his dad was home, snoozing upstairs…. We get back in the car, and I start to shake. Holy Cow!

We crawl back into bed after I ate half a bottle of Tums, and then I realize it’s only easier in some aspects, but even harder in others.

Can I promise this won’t happen again? Not a chance!

As I am writing this, the cat has just threw up on the floor, my daughter has texted me three times, and hubby just walked by with an attitude…Aahhhhhh, no more Twilight Zone..I am back

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Since my oldest was 5yrs old, we have lived in our home! Yup, we are going on 11 years!! And in that time, we have always had 2 bathrooms. When the kids were younger, we did only use one. But within a few years, we used both…and I never realized..HOW GOOD LIFE WAS!!!!

My, My …………3 kids, 2 of them teenagers..and 2 adults…. & ONE bathroom is the pits!

We have now been homeowners for just over a year now, so we thought it was time to finally get some work done!Our first “remodel”  is our downstairs bathroom. Not only is it the main bathroom, but it is also on the floor as our bedroom. The bathroom upstairs is the teenager bathroom, well until now!

Good grief! How do families do it on a regular basis?? Timers? Valium? Mass amounts of Lysol?

I have learned in this process that my children are PIGS! Yup, I admit it. I let them “clean” (please notice I use this term loosely) their own bathroom. I have no need to go upstairs, it is their wing, if you will. Well, I have found out the hardway that they don’t do a great job, and they are S-L-O-W..I mean like molasses. We were never the fastest family to begin with, and now the odds are really against us!

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