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Another great day in the Sewing Room! I have finally found such a Quick & Easy pattern for Sewing Machine Cover and it also came with some great accent patterns too! It is McCalls 8391.  I only needed a yard for each pattern and each one took me under an hour to complete!

I made covers for my Sewing machine and Serger, a trash bag for the Serger and this great wedge pillow for my sewing chair. My RA has been really bothering lately, so I am hoping this should give me some relief so I can continue to sew. I am really enjoying these projects and I hope I can keep thinking up fun ideas so I don’t fizzle out…



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Another productive day in the sewing room

 Another pair of snuggly PJ’s for my little friend….


Not a sewing project , but a project for the Sewing Room

Dropping off a bag of things at the Thrift Shop, I found this Picture Frame



I loved the double mat, but it did have a broken corner and was a bit bland…




A little paint, wood glue and some of fave Mary Engelbreit pics…

and it’s just what I imagined for my workspace!


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It has been two days since my big Sewing Room overhaul..

and I have been a Sewing Machine!! hehehe



I was so excited, I didn’t what to start with..

so I began catching up on some repairs I needed to get done..

I also had “my little helper” during the day



I had been promising him some new Pj’s



I still had so much of the afternoon left, so I decided to spruce up my curtain situation….



We had a playdate today, so I didn’t get back in the sewing room until around 7pm,

So I got started on arm rest covers for the couches..



Now, those were a first for me, without a pattern.

I am planning on perfecting them and covering the cushions as well….soon

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Well, it feels like I am always trying a way to organize my sewing room. It could have something to do with the fact that it’s also the laundry & computer room. Which makes it harder, trying to keep an organized space just for me.


I have been searching for the perfect shelving system. But I needed it to be affordable and sturdy.

Fabric is surprisingly very heavy and according to my mom, I have so much I could sell it!


Well, my day has come!

 After searching high and low, I have found the PERFECT Shelves!

I am a little leery about all of my fabric being exposed, so I may make some kind of dust curtain.


                                                                           I am proud to say I put both  together without any help from Hubs!!

Sorting, folding, and color coding all my fabric was pure torture,

 but in the end…..

Totally worth it!


I am so excited to get beck to my sewing projects! It has been a few weeks and I have so many ideas brewing,

I now have the perfect atmosphere!

Welcome to My Sewing Room!


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I am on a roll, and how appropriate, with my current mood, to finish this project tonight!

Cross Stitched Hand Towel for the bathroom

Loving my new pattern cross stitch pattern book!

The Quote is also on the Mary Engelbreit artwork hanging in the new Bathroom

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The Bathroom is DONE!

Ok, some finishing touches are still needed..Trim, curtains and the linen closet is not complete…

But it is DONE enough for me to take a long warm bubble bath 🙂

I am soo proud of Hubs, he did have some help with the drywall & plumbing,

but he did most on his own between jobs and weekends!

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Well, our bathroom re-model is taken a bit longer than I hoped for, but it is finally moving along! It has been a lot of hurry up and wait. We had to wait until after our Superbowl party to even start. We needed the 2 bathrooms for sure, with all of us! It then took a weekend to rip out and cut out the old bath tub and shower, the walls and the floor. Walls and floor went up, then down because of a leak in the upstairs bathroom, new copper pipes were put in downstairs, lights were moved and re-wired. Then to wait again for the NEW tub to be installed!!!! Well that day has come! Our new tub and shower was installed yesterday! Oh what a beautiful sight! Now Hubs can finish spackling, put up the tile board on the walls, install the floor, I can paint and then the toilet & vanity can go in!!!

Here is a sneak preview….Our new tub/shower...Aaaahhhh

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