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I Love Thrift Shops! You can find the best deals, as long as you are willing to wait for them and search for them.
Sometimes, in my case today, you just stumble on them!

After a day of shopping and lunch with Mom, she had suggested I run in to our local thrift store to check out 2 coffee-themed cork placemats she knew I would love. Leaving her in the car, I said I would just run in.

Now, I can almost guarantee if we both got our butts out of the car and was hoping to find good buys, we would have come out empty handed, that’s just my luck. I grabbed the placemats, which I instantly took a liking too, and thought I would take a quick stroll through the store…and there it was…JACKPOT

Quick backtrack, last week my mom had borrowed a chocolate melter from a friend for our cousins get-together. It melts the candy and she served fresh fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, etc to dip…..YUM! So, needless to say we were both hooked and wanted one for our own. Nana offered to buy me one for my birthday, but I just couldn’t see spending that much money on that! It is $75, even half off at the craft store..that is a lot of money for a candy melter! So  I went back and forth..yes I want it…No I don’t..Maybe??? Wait NO Don’t get it…

So there in the box waiting for me to become its final owner….

A Cooks Essentials chocolate melter for $5!!!

 We are definitely having a chocolate fondue party this weekend!!

And to top it off I also hit big with the Bag Sale they had!

For $20, I purchased..

Chocolate melter, 1 jumper dress for me, 3 pairs of jeans for me, 1 capri jeans for me

pair of skinny jeans for Erinn, Red Bird (Mission trip Matty has gone to in KY) Tee for Nate,

Embroidery hoop, and 2 coffee cork placemats!!


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