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I am on a roll, and how appropriate, with my current mood, to finish this project tonight!

Cross Stitched Hand Towel for the bathroom

Loving my new pattern cross stitch pattern book!

The Quote is also on the Mary Engelbreit artwork hanging in the new Bathroom


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The Bathroom is DONE!

Ok, some finishing touches are still needed..Trim, curtains and the linen closet is not complete…

But it is DONE enough for me to take a long warm bubble bath 🙂

I am soo proud of Hubs, he did have some help with the drywall & plumbing,

but he did most on his own between jobs and weekends!

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Well, our bathroom re-model is taken a bit longer than I hoped for, but it is finally moving along! It has been a lot of hurry up and wait. We had to wait until after our Superbowl party to even start. We needed the 2 bathrooms for sure, with all of us! It then took a weekend to rip out and cut out the old bath tub and shower, the walls and the floor. Walls and floor went up, then down because of a leak in the upstairs bathroom, new copper pipes were put in downstairs, lights were moved and re-wired. Then to wait again for the NEW tub to be installed!!!! Well that day has come! Our new tub and shower was installed yesterday! Oh what a beautiful sight! Now Hubs can finish spackling, put up the tile board on the walls, install the floor, I can paint and then the toilet & vanity can go in!!!

Here is a sneak preview….Our new tub/shower...Aaaahhhh

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It POURS!!!!


I have talked about our bathroom re-model in prior posts. Well everything is moving along smoothly….that should have been the first indicator!

Complete new floor/sub-floor down – CHECK

All NEW copper pipes and drains – CHECK

Built-In Linen Cabinet – CHECK

Sheet rock up – CHECK

So now we are just waiting to have our NEW tub and shower installed..and we hear………….Drip..Drip…Drip….

Yup, there is a leak, but not with our work, oh no that would be tooo easy! The upstairs shower is leaking and the source has yet to figured out!! We may be facing another replaced shower!!!! UGH!  Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself…I am repeating this OVER and OVER

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Since my oldest was 5yrs old, we have lived in our home! Yup, we are going on 11 years!! And in that time, we have always had 2 bathrooms. When the kids were younger, we did only use one. But within a few years, we used both…and I never realized..HOW GOOD LIFE WAS!!!!

My, My …………3 kids, 2 of them teenagers..and 2 adults…. & ONE bathroom is the pits!

We have now been homeowners for just over a year now, so we thought it was time to finally get some work done!Our first “remodel”  is our downstairs bathroom. Not only is it the main bathroom, but it is also on the floor as our bedroom. The bathroom upstairs is the teenager bathroom, well until now!

Good grief! How do families do it on a regular basis?? Timers? Valium? Mass amounts of Lysol?

I have learned in this process that my children are PIGS! Yup, I admit it. I let them “clean” (please notice I use this term loosely) their own bathroom. I have no need to go upstairs, it is their wing, if you will. Well, I have found out the hardway that they don’t do a great job, and they are S-L-O-W..I mean like molasses. We were never the fastest family to begin with, and now the odds are really against us!

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